4 Ways Acupuncture Can Help Boost Weight Loss Efforts

Oct 24 , 2017

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4 Ways Acupuncture Can Help Boost Weight Loss Efforts

Weight Loss with Acupuncture

I have read many statistics on weight loss and the numbers are staggering: one in four Americans are overweight. Even worse, Americans spend over 33 billion dollars every year on weight-loss programs. Despite all of the money spent on weight-loss, Americans have not become healthier. Actually, the statistics seem to get worse every year.

I have been able to help many individuals boost their weight loss progress with acupuncture. But how acupuncture can help with weight loss?

4 ways acupuncture can help with weight loss:

  1. Endorphins: When we are in pain we tend to not want to exercise, which leads to weight gain. The increased weight on our joints tends to cause even more pain and so we have become locked in a vicious cycle of being in pain and overweight. So how do we break that cycle? The process of acupuncture naturally releases endorphins in the body. These endorphins help an individual feel happier and reduce the body’s perception of pain making it easier to begin an exercise program once again.
  2. Mood Changes: In America, we eat based on our moods. Commonly we eat when we are sad and depressed, hence the term “comfort foods.” Acupuncture does a great job of alleviating some of the quick mood changes which could lead to overeating.
  3. Stress: Stress can lead to increased weight gain. One way is by increasing cortisol levels in our bodies, which can lead to metabolism and immune response issues. Acupuncture is a great stress reliever for so many people. Being able to relieve some stress could be the pivotal point for an individual to start losing weight.
  4. Imbalances in the System: In Chinese medicine, excessive weight gain is regularly linked to imbalances between the spleen and liver organs. Acupuncturists are trained to zero in on specific acupuncture points that could be causing problems and are leading to weight gain.


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