3 Reasons Acupuncture is the Best Non-Opioid Pain Relief

Oct 17 , 2017

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3 Reasons Acupuncture is the Best Non-Opioid Pain Relief

The opioid epidemic has become a well-known crisis in the United States. There has been continued effort to end the epidemic via governmental funding by restricting prescriber guidelines, which is good news! But with restrictions, many individuals are left without pain relief. There are multiple options of alternative therapies to stop the cycle of opioid abuse and to provide a natural cure when recovering.

One of the many non-opioid pain relief therapies people seek out is acupuncture. I strongly believe that alternative treatments rooted in Chinese medicine are better compared to the pharmaceutical route.

3 reasons why I suggest acupuncture as a non-opioid option for pain relief:

  • Addiction: Long-term opioid use can potentially lead to addiction and substance abuse. This happens frequently to those in chronic pain who are just trying to find relief. Not only can acupuncture help with pain relief, acupuncture can also help those who are currently struggling with opioid addictions. Acupuncture can provide relief during the withdrawal process, both physically and mentally.
  • Effectiveness: Chronic pain can be insufferable. Prescribed pain relievers may alleviate the pain, but may pose life-altering side effects down the road. With acupuncture, there is no risk associated with treatments compared to medications. In fact, the only side effects one may experience would be better sleep, more energy, mental clarity, and less stress. Studies have shown that acupuncture can decrease inflammation and relieve common forms of pain better than prescribed painkillers. Acupuncture is also beneficial for a multitude of conditions such as cancer, anxiety, and headaches to name a few.
  • Psychological: Acupuncture stimulates the body to encourage the self-healing mechanisms within the body. Acupuncture is known to increase the levels of various chemicals in the central nervous system – endorphins, serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine.



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